Resonance frequency

The Java source code of this applet and its documentation are freely available.


  • A applet computes resonance frequencies of a room, which are of different modes (axial, tangential and oblique). The result can be visualized via graphs or a data analysis table .

  • The algorithm is based on the following formula:

    f = v / 2 * (p2/L2 + q2/W2 + r2/H2)1/2

    v is speed of sound (344m/s). L, W, H are length, width and height of a room. p, q, r are integers (0, 1, 2...).
    When two of the parameters (p, q, r) are zeros, the frequency is axial; when one is zero, the frequency is tangential; when none of them is zero, the frequency is oblique.

  • The frequency is calculated until 300Hz.