ACMUS Application

acmus.jar is an application which combines all that the applets do. Because it has been written using the Swing, Java version 1.3 must be used to compile and execute it. The compiled application can be executed in the following manner:

java -jar acmus.jar

The compacted file contains all source codes. To view its contents, use the following command:

jar tf acmus.jar

To extract its contents, use the following command:

jar xf acmus.jar

The directory acmus with all source codes will be created, then use the following commands to compile and execute them:

javac acmus/*.java

java acmus/Application

Some screen shots of the application.

fft.jar is an application that uses algorithm FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) in signal processing. The signal can be read from an audio file, ou be generated by a function generator.

RecordPlay is an application that can play back and record audio file at the same time.