Roberto Speicys Cardoso
Master's Degree Student
Institute of Mathematics and Statistics
University of São Paulo

A Mobile Agent Infrastructure for QoS Negotiation of Adaptive Distributed Applications

Abstract. QoS-aware distributed applications such as certain Multimedia and Ubiquitous Computing applications can benefit greatly from the provision of QoS guarantees from the underlying system and middleware infrastructure. They must avoid execution glitches that could affect the user's perception of the application output.
Most research in QoS support for distributed systems relates to three aspects of QoS management: admission control, resource reservation, and scheduling. However, in highly dynamic distributed environments, effective means for QoS negotiation and re-negotiation are also essential.
We believe that mobile agents, due to its inherent flexibility and agility, can play an important role in this scenario, specially during the application adaptation process. We designed a mobile-agent-based infrastructure that provides services such as resource monitoring, QoS brokering, and QoS enforcement. Furthermore, our infrastructure offers a powerful mechanism for QoS negotiation. Our goal is to unburden the application from the complex process of QoS negotiation and reservation, thus reducing the complexity of building QoS-aware distributed applications.

Software: QoSNegotiation.tgz

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