Links to software developed by AcMus Group (Please note that the project was finalized in 2008 and the software has not been maintained since).

  • AcMus Software
    AcMus is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you wish to use it under a different license, please contact Prof. Fabio Kon.
  • Linux (ver 1.0.2, 32MB)
  • Windows (ver 1.0.2, 30MB)
  • MacOS X - PPC (ver 1.0.2 , 32MB)
  • MacOS X - x86 (ver 1.0.2, 32MB)
Unpack in any folder and run acmus inside the acmus folder.

Tutorial: Acoustics Measurement with AcMus.

  • AcMus Plugin (8MB, to be installed in Eclipse 3.3.2).
  • Java Applets.
  • Java Applications.
  • Miscelaneous.
  • Software development links and resources.

    • Redmine in CCSL
      Information about development.
    • Bazaar Repository
      To have a local copy of all the source-code use the command:
      bzr branch brz://

    Last update: June 30, 2011.