Seminars on Software Systems

Department of Computer Science
University of São Paulo

Current Coordinator: Rodrigo Moreira Barbosa <rodbar at>
Past Coordinator: Livio Baldini Soares <livio at>

Professors: Fabio Kon and Alfredo Goldman


If you are a student interested in giving a seminar during this semester, please reserve a date by sending an
e-mail to the coordinator with Cc: to the professors. Thank you!

Second Semester - 2003
(Mondays - 14h00 PM to 15h30, Room A-252)
18th Leonardo Marques Alves de Pinho
Graduate Student
Service Discovery Protocols in a Mobile Computing Environment (3) abstract presentation
8th Edgar Szilagyi
Graduate Student
Linux Device Drivers abstract presentation
22nd Marlon Machado and Chris Walden
IBM Austin
Autonomic Computing (4) Not available Not available
16th Prof. Dr. Fábio Moreira Costa
Federal University of Goiás
Reflective Middleware: The Open ORB approach and some future directions (5) abstract presentation
20th Marcelo Luis Vinagreiro
Graduate Student
A distributed system for path search in dynamic graphs abstract presentation
28th Calton Pu
College of Computing / Georgia Institute of Technology
Infosphere Update: Infopipe Software Tools (6) abstract presentation
8th Rodrigo Moreira Barbosa
Graduate Student
Aglets and Mobile Agents (7) abstract presentation
First Semester - 2003
(Mondays - 14h00 PM to 15h30, Room B-1)
17th Alessandro Santiago
Graduate Student
Thesis Presentation: Hand-Off Strategies for Load Balancing in Mobile Computing (1) abstract Not available
31st Alexandre Ricardo Nardi
Graduate Student
.NET Framework Overview abstract presentation
14th Flavia Rainone
Undergraduate Student
Parallel Computing with CORBA abstract presentation
28th Rachel de Paula
Graduate Student
RDP Protocol in the MobiCs Environment abstract presentation
19th Evelyn Cristina Pinto
Graduate Student
Service Providers and System Models for Digital Libraries abstract Not available
6th Rômulo Silva de Oliveira
Professor (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Constructive Aspects of Real Time Operating Systems (2) abstract presentation
Adiado! para o dia 23 Luiz Gustavo Martins
Graduate Student
Grid Computing and an architecture proposal for inter-grid protocols. abstract presentation

(1) On Monday, March 17th at 14h30. Location: Anfiteatro Antonio Giliolli.
(2) On Friday, June 6th at 10h30. Location: Room B-1.
(3) On Monday, August 18th at 15h00 Location: Sala do Conselho do MAC.
(4) On Monday, Semptember 22nd at 14h. Location: Auditório do IPT.
(5) On Thursday, October 16th at 10h. Location: Auditório Jacy Monteiro.
(6) On Friday, November 28th, at 8:30. Location: Auditório Antonio Giglioli, Bloco A.
(7) On Monday, December 8th, at 16h. Location: Sala B6.

Seminars presented in previous years:

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